Learn how crawl space remediation, encapsulation, and dehumidifying can help your home in Clayton, NC and any nearby areas

Keep moisture from seeping into your crawl space and causing moisture, mold, and rot. With crawl space remediation and encapsulation services from Certified Restoration Consultants, LLC, you can keep water and contaminants alike out of your crawl space. We can install vapor barriers and dehumidifiers in your crawl space to prevent unwanted moisutre and mold.

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Prevent flooding in your basement with our waterproofing

You don't want your basement waterlogged and rotted. Waterproofing can prevent this. Get the basement waterproofing you need from our restoration company. We'll make sure your basement is sealed tight against rain and humidity.

Issues with your insulation could be causing your problems and costing you money. In addition to our basement waterproofing work, we can remove your old insulation and install new material to make your home more energy-efficient.

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